I take my butt pictures with my feet.

I took a picture of my butt where I’m like doing a plank almost and my butt looks ridiculous it looks like bread rolls or playdough lol it’s weird.

I never saw the last Harry Potter movie.

savageposeidon replied to your post “OMG does anyone still say boo anymore!?”

It’s all bout the bae now

I’m always so late lmao like yeah everyone says it but I never caught on.

OMG does anyone still say boo anymore!?

The second meow is her jumping off the bed. This is what she does every time I leave the room.

imperatorfurioso lol you’re popular.

I haven’t seen the dorms but I. Want. To.

And this bitch is big it’s like a compound and they have game rooms a dining hall weight rooms a creepy ass big basement to wash clothes in. And dorms.

I’ve also been thinking about the words ‘mustache ride’ a lot since I’ve been working around mustached white men for the last week.

Also there’s this really cute mechanical engineer working here and he’s so cute. He looks like an older version of Caleb who’s on BB16 and he has gray ends on a handlebar mustache.